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Ethical Coffee

Our Sustainable Journey

Enabling farmers to build a sustainable future for themselves, their families and the environment.

As an approved vendor of one of the worlds largest coffee buyers we are committed to supporting the long term sustainability of the coffee market, enabling many coffee farmers around the world to improve their social and economic conditions as well as the stability of the environment.

We support two major sustainable initiatives:

Douwe Egberts Foundation

A global foundation that initiates and coordinates coffee projects in various coffee producing countries, helping small scale farmers improve coffee quality and implement sustainable practices.

UTZ Certified

UTZ means 'good' in a Mayan language from Guatemala.

We have partnered with UTZ CERTIFIED, one of the largest and fastest growing coffee certifications in the world. UTZ CERTIFIED has one of the most stringent and concise codes of conduct that sets the standard for responsible and professional coffee growing and sourcing.

The code of conduct covers 3 essential areas in sustainability; environmental, social and economic impact.

Coffee and Tea Suppliers Glasgow

UTZ CERTIFIED has an even further benefit, it is fully traceable to the farms where the coffee beans were sourced, really providing the assurance that the UTZ CERTIFIED coffee we purchase is responsibly grown by coffee farmers who take care of their coffee, the people and the environment.
Read some comments from UTZ CERTIFIED farmers;

"With the implementation of record-keeping and good agricultural practices required for UTZ certification we have been able to reduce our water use by 50% and production cost by at least 12%. This decrease was brought about by reducing spraying and through cheaper insurance premiums because of safety precautions."

Mureithi Kieu, General Manager Sasini, Kenya

"Through UTZ CERTIFIED, the producers have developed a culture of improvement of the working conditions of all people involved in coffee production. Also, the opportunity of the certification has improved the relation between the members of the cooperatives and has improved the documentation of the activities and advances of the producers."

Manuel Romero, Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras de Honduras, Honduras

For more information on UTZ CERTIFIED go to www.utzcertified.org

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