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Satisfying expectations

DC 7 Coffee believe that coffee is often regarded as a sign of a good hotel. When you’re balancing high volume coffee requirements with consistent quality that your guests expect from your hotel, you can always rely upon DC 7 Coffee supplying Douwe Egberts coffee to satisfy your guests highest expectations.

Coffee theatre in the hotel bar or lounge

Freshly made espresso based coffee in front of your eyes is the mark of quality in many customers’ eyes. We supply  traditional espresso machines that  are made in Italy and carry the stamp of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso. Pairing this with the smooth Piazza D'oro Dolce blend for a fantastic cup that will fill the air with a lovely lingering aroma of freshly made coffee and have your guests coming back for more.

High Volume back of house solutions

At DC 7 Coffee we know that the hardest challenge of serving quality coffee is when time is short and volume is high – eg breakfast, conferences and meetings, Our unique liquid roast coffee dispense solution means your guests always have access to great quality coffee that you can stake your reputation on.

Leave a lasting impression on your guests

For many business people and holiday makers the breakfast buffet is a morning institution, with a time-honoured selection of breakfast foods and drinks. However a freshly made cup of coffee can lift a hotel’s breakfast offering head and shoulders above the competition. A Liquid Roast machine allows your staff to fill a pot of black coffee in 12 seconds. This means the coffee can be replenished rapidly in the buffet line. Liquid Roast also reduces wastage as it can dispense as many or as few coffees as required unlike a traditional bulk brew systems which can only dispense a predetermined volume of coffee per brew. At DC 7 Coffee we know that breakfast is often the last customer experience of the hotel and what better lasting memories than a lovely cup of Dowue Egberts coffee supplied by DC 7 Coffee.

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